How to use a wax melt…

Very much like a candle, a wax melt is a scented piece of wax however it doesn’t have the wick!

By simply placing a section of your wax in the top of you wax burner and lighting an unscented tea light candle (4 hour burn) underneath it will release the amazing aromas into your home.

Electric burners are used in exactly the same way, minus the tea light. Just switch it on once you have placed your wax melt in the top.

Wax melts can be found in a huge range of scents including designer fragrances.

Each section of a regular snap bar lasts approximately 10-14 hours. That’s 50-70 hours of fragrance per snap bar for just £2.30!

Unlike a candle the wax will not disappear and will simply just lose it’s scent over time. Cleaning your burner or changing the wax can easily be done by lighting a tea light underneath for 30 seconds to a minute and simply pop the old wax out.

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